The Governing Board employs several officers to manage its duties, including Chairperson (held by the current Moderator of MCC), Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Chairperson –

 Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson

 Member – Raquel Benitez-Rojas

Vice-Chairperson –

 Sarah-Jane Ramage

Member – Rev. Clinton Crawshaw

Secretary –

 Rev. Onetta Brooks

Member – Vacant

Treasurer –


Member – Vacant

Member – Vacant


Meet the Board

Raquel Benítez

Raquel Benítez,MBA is an entrepreneur and founder of successful companies in different fields. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from UCM, two masters’ degrees, MBA from UB and eight academic diplomas, Ms. Benítez has worked in a variety of academic and professional positions around the world. Benítez is member of the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) of Toronto where she started along with her wife Carmen, the HOLA team, a welcoming and support group for Spanish speaking people. She also volunteers in other areas such as captain of the MCCT Drag’n Angels.

She has served  as Vice-chair of the UFMCC Governing Board where she serves in various commissions and committees such as development, finance and governance. She is also co-founder of MCC Spain and a supporter of MCC Cuba. Raquel is a member of the MCC Institute for development and formation for Iberoamerica. Raquel exemplifies the values & beliefs of her church community: Faith & Spirituality, Advocacy & Diversity, Care & Compassion.

Rev. Onetta Brooks

Rev. Onetta was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She matriculated through the L.A. Unified School District; received her BA in Mathematics from Pomona College; Master of Public Administration from California State University Dominguez Hills, CA and Master of Divinity from San Francisco Theological Seminary/Southern California in 2007. She was UFMCC ordained in January 2007.

Onetta has thirty-four years of professional secular experience as a program manager/systems/software engineer for leading aerospace/defense industry contractors.

Since 1998, Rev. Onetta has been a member of MCC Los Angeles. She has served on numerous MCC leadership teams on the local church, regional and/or denominational level, including MCC’s Region 1 Worship Coordinator 2004; Region 6 Worship Coordinator 2009; Elders Nominating Committee 2009/10; Southern California Nevada Network Team 2009-2012 and MCC People of African Descent. She possesses spiritual gifts of wisdom, leadership, administration and discernment.

After receiving International Interim Specialist training in December 2007, Rev. Onetta served as an Intentional Interim Pastor for two MCC congregations: Christ Chapel MCC in Santa Ana, CA from December 2007-May 2009; and MCC of Northern Virginia in Fairfax, VA from June 2012-August 2013.

She was elected to the Governing Board in 2010 and has served on the Governance and Finance Committees. Also, she is a member of the Pomona College Alumni Association Board 2012-2015.


Sarah-Jane Ramage

S-J is an assistant director in Deloitte’s UK restructuring services division of corporate finance.  In this role she is responsible for assisting businesses which are in financial trouble and managing businesses which have entered insolvency proceedings.  These roles regularly challenge her to make a little go a long way, to identify and implement creative solutions to complex and unusual problems.  She holds an MA from the University of Cambridge and is a chartered accountant.

She lives just outside Brighton on the South Coast of England with her partner Andrew and his two adult children.  She has been a member of MCC Brighton (UK) for 10 years, having searched for MCC since graduating in 2000.  She has served in a variety of roles both administrative and worship focused and currently serves on the Worship team and board of directors.  Since attending general conference in Acapulco in 2010, her interest in the wider denomination has grown and she served on the International Task Force during 2011 and 2012.  S-J has always demonstrated her faith in her secular life and truly embodies the values of MCC both spiritually and in matters of social justice and diversity, participating in her employers diversity network specifically considering trans and bisexual issues.

Rev. Clinton Crawshaw

Rev. Clinton Crawshaw

Rev. Clinton Crawshaw was born in Woking, in the county of Surrey just to the southwest of London (UK) in 1970. He has two sisters, Natalie and Donna, and both parents, Alwyn and June are professional artists, broadcasters and authors.He moved with his parents to Devonshire at age eleven, then ran back to London ASAP at age 21. Rev Crawshaw went forward for ordination in The Church of England in his late twenties, and after studying at St Steven’s House, Oxford was ordained at St Paul’s cathedral, London in 2002. He served as a curate in North London for 2 years, during which time he began to question the Anglican position on human sexuality and pastoral care.

After much soul searching and a period of extended illness he transferred credentials to MCC in 2006, and has worked as chaplain at Carl Bean House, an HIV hospice in South Central Los Angeles, and interim Pastor of The MCC Church in New Orleans, which he saw grow (due to the hard work and faith of its members, and the devotion of his then partner, Leon) from a post Katrina low of 11 members to a thriving congregation of 95 members.

In May 2011 he was called to serve the congregation of MCC of The Coachella Valley as intentional interim Specialist, and is privileged to accompany that church through a period of intense growth and revival. In March 2013 he was invited (and accepted) to remain at MCCCV as permanent Senior Pastor.

Rev. Crawshaw’s interests are, theology, art, antiques, the great outdoors and his three dogs, Mardi (Puggle), Precious (Australian shepherd) and Zack (Keeshond).