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Our Covenant

We, the Governing Board of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), do hereby covenant with one another to uphold the following, with God’s help, to the best of our ability.

  • We shall be servant-leaders: serving the mission of MCC in our lives and ministry as members of the Governing Board.
  • We shall be mindful in all of our work of the guiding documents (mission, vision, values, and guiding principles) of MCC and use them as touchstones for decisions.
  • We shall use our best gifts and abilities to further the movement of MCC in the world.
  • We shall engage in strategic planning and goal setting.
  • We shall be open to the moving of the Spirit as discerned by the church.
  • We shall provide fiscal oversight and responsibility so that resources are used effectively.
  • We shall engage in regular evaluation of policies, programs and performance including the performance of the Moderator and the Governing Board.
  • We shall adhere to MCC’s bylaws and policies and honor our traditions.
  • We shall conduct ourselves in a spirit of respect, honesty and collaboration.
  • We shall individually support the denomination financially, over and above our local church giving, and work to grow a culture of generosity throughout MCC.
  • We shall create an atmosphere of compassionate candor by presuming good faith, actively listening, not interrupting, and staying in relationship with one another, even in conflict.  In the event conflict does occur we encourage direct dealing or direct communication amongst ourselves according to Matthew 18.
  • We shall respect our time together by honoring our commitments and by being prepared for meetings.
  • We shall focus on policy, not micromanagement.
  • We shall stand by our group decisions and speak with one voice.
  • We shall act with personal honesty and integrity, including avoiding personal gain and conflict of interest and in all matters acting with the highest ethical standards.
  • We shall hold matters that require confidentiality as sacred and they will be unequivocally respected.
  • We shall ensure that disagreement relates only to principles and priorities, not personalities.
  • We shall strive for consensus whenever possible.
  • We shall hold one another mutually accountable.
  • We shall be continuous learners.
  • We shall pray for one another, our congregations, leadership and our vision and mission.