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We have FIVE Standing Committees and THREE Ad Hoc Teams.  Committees comprise core ongoing functions of the Governing Board’s work. Teams may be situation, associated with a new priority area or issue, and are not designed to endure in perpetuity.


Development Committee:
The Governing Board’s Development Committee members are Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson (Chair), Rev. Dr.  Robert Griffin, Rev. Clinton Crawshaw, and Gail Rissler.   The Committee is responsible for development and overseeing MCC’s fundraising efforts and diversification of donor-based income streams.  They set goals, identify categories of opportunity, and measure performance.

Finance Committee:
The Finance Team members are Gail Rissler (Chair), Kareem Murphy, and Marsha Warren. They meet to review UFMCC’s financial health and performance, and they make recommendations to the Governing Board.

Governance Committee:
The Governance Committee members are Rev. Onetta Brooks (Chair), Rev. Clinton Crawshaw, and Raquel Benitez-Rojas. This committee is responsible for ensuring that the UFMCC is fulfilling its requirements as outlined in the UFMCC bylaws. This committee is responsible for the planning of business meeting for General Conference, facilitating the appointments to the International Task Force, Moderator Nominating Committee, Governing Board Nominating Committee and Bylaws Team.  The Bylaws Team reports to the Governance Committee.

Strategic Planning Committee:
The Governing Board’s Strategic Planning Committee members are Kareem Murphy (Chair), Gail Rissler, and Raquel Benitez-Rojas.  The Committee is responsible for finalizing, monitoring progress on and updating of updating of the MCC strategic plan.

Communications Committee: 
The Governing Board’s Communications Committee members are SJ Ramage, and Kareem Murphy.  The Committee ensures that the Governing Board is in compliance with its own Communications Policy (Policy #12), provides opportunity to provide and receive communication from outside of MCC’s formal leadership structures and that we live into Vision Goal #2 (“Communicate to the world with passion and clarity that we are stronger together”). They use a variety of formats including webinars, special email alerts, the Board’s website, and social media.


Audit Team: The Audit Team Members include Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin, Kareem Murphy, Marsha Warren, and Marvin Bagwell.  The Audit Team oversees the process for the annual auditing of MCC’s financials by outside certified public accounting firms.  The Team also ensures that the Governing Board adheres to its responsibility for compliance with financial reporting laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Statement of Faith Commission: General Conference XXV (2013, Chicago USA) authorized the creation of a commission to review and update the MCC Statement of Faith, considering it to be a stand alone document and not part of the denominational bylaws. The Moderator will nominate and the Governing Board will appoint members of this Commission, and it will represent the theological, cultural, and global diversity of MCC.  The Statement of Faith could be brought forward for consideration by General Conference as soon as the 2016 conference.

Global Covenant Task Force: General Conference XXV (2013, Chicago USA) authorized the creation of a Global Covenant Task Force that will create a new compact that will unite all congregations, ministries, individuals, our friends and allies in a global fellowship.  The vision is for the covenant to become the unifying document beyond our denominational bylaws.  The Moderator will nominate and the Governing Board will appoint members of this Commission.  Stay tuned for a call for statements of interest.  The Governing Board representatives to the Task Force is Raquel Benitez-Rojas.